Seven seconds later: “Sorry. Why NOT me?”

She’s straightforward, transparent, vulnerable, and titanium strong. Holding her coffee in both hands, she told me that no matter how difficult your life turns out to be, you have a choice. You can either break down or consider what happens to you as a blessing.

Joelle’s career in marketing got to a sudden halt when her son was born. Everything changed. He needed his mom. All the time. …

And he’s not Driving Miss Daisy

It was a hot day. Noonish. 30+ Celcius. Muggy. An authentic Beirut summer day. If you’ve been, you know what I’m talking about. I’ll attempt to describe this 2021 special blend.

Mixed dusty air saturated with lukewarm condensation on your sticky t-shirt, tight pants, dress, bra, and underwear; infused with Essence de Mazout; clouded by the occasional whiff of grilled meat as you walked by a shawarma place. As you continued further, goosebumps get awakened when you’re hit with the cooler breeze venting out from the empty clothing store. Yikes!

The sensible person wears lighter, fluffier clothing. That day, I…

Are you about to dare yourself?

When life consumes you,
Eating away,
Your every day.
Nibbling on,
Your most simple,

When urging nudges,
Whispering loudly.
When you feel the need to,
Tear out.
… Breathe.

When you know,
It’s time.
When the road,
Is waiting.
As you yearn,
To live someone else’s dream,
And hope it was yours.
… Why?

When you cherish,
A child’s passion,
With toys,
For hours.
When a chef makes you love,
The origin,
Of salts.
When you ask yourself,
What drove her to climb Everest?
… Focus in.

When you wonder,
What’s next for you,
How to,
And when you should…

Doing is his love language

He carries and has carried many titles. As for many of my friends and me, he’s simply Fr. Paul to us. I spent an hour with him in this one historic office suite in Bkerke. He wanted to dedicate our time together to the issue that is closest to his heart — education.

“Tea?” he asked. “Sure.”

He took a few steps to the kitchenette that links his office to his bedroom and turned on the hot water kettle. Carefully, he reached for two mugs, made sure I liked the one he picked for me and gave me a choice…

Reflections from dads I spoke to

I read between the lines and remembered my conversations to try and get wisdom from the fathers I interviewed. They don’t tell stories of being fathers. They are. This is an attempt to squeeze fatherhood from their stories. Here we go.

Smart fathers play with their children. They help them put things together and tear things apart.

Cool dads make fun of themselves as they let their children laugh with them. They embarrass their teenagers in front of their friends. Just enough.

No matter how old they get, they’re still his children.

Fathers are happiest when their kids are proud…

Her chronicles on transition, roommates, and men

Hold the coffee. Meeting Nancy was over steak and sauteed vegetables. As we prepared lunch, two Martinis, an intriguing discussion, and air-conditioning isolated us from the 42 Celsius in Doha.

She was ready to go anywhere, joining the other talents who had to leave Lebanon seeking other opportunities. This one English teacher turned down an offer from Congo. The offer from Sri Lanka was a close call. Or so she thought. After receiving the documentation, her two-day short-lived dream of working reasonable hours, enjoying a massage every so often, and tucking money away burst as she recalculated the package one…

11 lessons on business and creativity from an 11-year-old

I was visiting with his parents in Doha. His dad called him to greet me. Slender and tall, Ray appeared, shook my hand, said hello, and as quickly turned back to attend to whatever he was doing. The parents and I visited. One conversation led to another and another. I ended up wanting to say hello to Ray one more time.

Dad: “Ray… Ray… Would you come over for a second?” Ray: “Yalla!”

He told about a dozen things in one minute. I saw someone very special and I wanted to learn more from and about him. The parents, my…

Gentle, funny, liberal, religious, sharp, tactful, to-the-point, and that laugh to top it all.

So proper, she showed up with a box of chocolate in a beautiful bag. How did she know I like chocolate?

Ah! Her laugh. I can still hear its reverberations. Contagious. Starts deep from the guts and blasts out to a high-pitched giggle. The 6-sec roar detoxes your spirit like a 60-min massage relaxes your body. Happy, clean, pure, and joyful!

Travel with company

She’s from Lebanon and has been to Belgium, France, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Canada, Italy, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, and Portugal. She has a US visa and intends to use it. …

Some best stories are told walking

I’m no runner. Walking? Yes. Anyday. Any season. Any weather. Walking can be cleansing, rhythmic and spiritual. Some of us get our best ideas in the shower. Mine come with pacing—the periodic kind. With no destination in mind.

I like it when my feet decide: up, down, towards the sunset, by the beach, into the forest, packing or lightweight, to the end of that one trail, on the until-I-get-tired boulevard, or when I’m done thinking. My most creative walking is the Forrest Gump kind. I know you’re saying, “he ran.” I walk.

And then there’s the other kind, the kind…

Tony Feghali

startup mentor | educator | entrepreneur | youth advocate | raconteur | baker | wannabe biker

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